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Abstract Professional Coaching Practice Ltd   

Do you want to live your life and still be true to yourself?


                                    I Can guide You. 


My unique approach is simply because I view a person as a seed, once planted and provided the right conditions seeds will grow and flourish but often weeds will start to grow alongside, rapidly blocking the light and suffocating the seedling, when this happens it’s time to call the services of abstract coaching, armed with my tools, techniques and an array of experience 

I assist you to clear the weeds from your life so once again you can see the golden sun and bask in its warmth.

I stay alongside you ready to attend when required as you grow stronger and stronger until you reach your ultimate goals and become the beautiful colourful bouquet you were destining to be.  


Abstract Professional Coaching Practice - Strives to tap into the individual’s multi-faceted and elusive gem knowns as personal success. By introducing people to a host of new subjects and techniques to enhance their lives with highly useful tools that can be applied instantly.


All sessions are provided by Jayne Renals herself in her own warm and absorbing style which makes the subject matter breathe with her fresh perspective and delightful humour, one of Jaynes many strength’s is her ability to put across complicated information in an easy to understand manner, this provides opportunity to reflect on what is being presented, as well as encouragement to take action to move forward.


Jayne intuitively combines her personal experiences with accepted methodologies and cutting-edge innovations to create exciting, entertaining and effective approaches to individual and group success and development.  


Jayne hold's a 100% successes rate this is due to only working with people that are committed to making a change in their life. 


Please note:- Professional Coaching is not a luxury or sign of weakness. In today’s fast pace world of chaos it is a necessity for many people to create order, understanding and focus to their life so they have the opportunity to control their lives with a choice to live it their way.   


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